Terry Crews Steroids Or Natural?

49 years old man with a marvelous physique is something that puts most of the people for thinking.

Terry Crews is an American actor and NFL football player.

Terry Crews steroids

Terry is well known for his humorous on the TV commercials and Julius Rock on the Everybody Hates Chris.

Terry Crew played role in the numerous movie roles and hosted for the reality show.

Terry had failed at the start of his career in the year 2001-2002.

He played the top NFL in the Los Angeles Washington Redskins.

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The Terry athlete journey is lifelong as he played six years in the NFL and earned millions of dollars by his defined physique in the film career.

The guys with an awesome looks and cast for roles still in the 49 years age are more likely to address in the natural and juicers conversation.

Athlete Statistics Of Terry Crews:
  • Weight of the body: 230-245Ibs (104.3-111.1kg)
  • Height of the body: 6’2’’
  • Date of birth: July 30, 1968

Here some evidence is mentioned that shows whether the Terry Crews is natural or on the steroids.

Natty Bodybuilding And Black Genetics:

According to the natural bodybuilding standard, a man with 6’2’’ height can naturally build up the 197lbs (89 kg) whereas Terry Crews weight is 14 kg above then the natural standard.

Terry Crews workoutSo it is possible to build up the 14kg over natty standard without having a steroid.

Yes, it is possible because of the genetics.

Terry Crews has a black genetics, there is a difference in the black and white genetics as both of them follow the same method include workout training and strict, results will differ.

The black genetics will gain 15lbs whereas the white men only bulk up with a 5lbs.

This is the reason for his jacked and maintains his body in 50’s.

Terry Crews Claims Natty:

After criticism for fake natty by peoples, he shared a post on Facebook in the year 2011 in which Terry wrote that It is possible for all the people to gain my size without the use of steroid but I have a bulk of vitamins.

Everyone knows that steroid use is common in the bodybuilding field so there is no need to share status and prove yourself. Mostly bodybuilders took dbol pills and hgh supplements for muscle gain.

Gain Timeline:

Terry Crews have started the lifting of weight from an early age since 14 years old.

The training at the early age contributes to developing the bigger due to newbie gains.

The use of steroid can undergo a rapid transformation in just only five years.

Whereas the natty requires 11 years of training.

Terry 30 years of training with his black genetics show the natural.

Physical Evidence (Symptoms Of Steroid Use):

You can easily identify the steroid user through the symptoms appear in the body.

Terry Crews steroids use

Increased Vascularity: (Negative)

Thinning of the skin can develop the more prominent veins.

There are many causes of skin thinning such as the age, genetics, and use of steroid.

The use of steroid can thin the skin by reducing the collagen production and increasing the red blood cell count.

There is a connection of body fats with a vein, more you have a muscle mass there are reduce veins and when you have lower body fat so there is increased in vascularity.

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When we compare the Terry vascularity with the Kali Muscle and Ronnie Coleman, so we can observe that Ronnie and Kali in their 50’s is just likely show a road-map in their bodies while Terry Crews body has very little vascularity which is not possible by the steroid use.

Flushed Skin: (Negative)

The other symptom of steroid is color change and flushed skin.

Steroid can develop a black color in white men, whereas the pink color in black men.

Terry Crews has a very good color of skin naturally without any sign of flushing skin.

Terry Workout Training:

Terry Crews TrainingTerry Crew training is loaded with a cardio exercise over the years in the gym.

He trains with the multiple joint, power clean and the dead lifts.

The Terry Crews workout training includes the compound lifts, isolation exercises and, weight lifting.

He spent the 30 to 50 minutes on session per week.

The whole purpose of fitness is to balance and move the weight.

How Terry Boost The Testosterone Level?

Terry crews boost the testosterone level naturally in the body through heavy weight lifting.

He believes that the weight lifting for 3 to 5 times can keep the optimum level of testosterone.

Terry also believes in listening to his body as whenever he feels off tired, so he takes rest for a long time period.

                                  Terry’s Workout Routine
Day Target Area Exercise
Monday Shoulders/Arms/Abs Cardio
Tuesday Back Cardio
Wednesday Overall Body Cardio

(Treadmill For 45 Minutes)

Thursday Chest/Arm/Abs Cardio
Friday Legs/Triceps/Abs Cardio
Saturday Overall Body Cardio

(Treadmill For 45 Minutes)

Sunday Full Recovery Rest Day

Terry Crew Nutrition:

Terry crew does not believe in the bulking and cutting.

Terry Crews workout

He likes to stay lean for the whole year.

There is no off season for me and we should ready for all the time.

Intermittent Fasting:

Terry follows the intermittent fasting means he does not like anything to eat before 2 p.m.

After that, he has a three or four meals in which the big meal is around 10 p.m.

Terry manages the intermittent fasting by amino acids shake and a cup of green tea.

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This provides terry vitamins and the other essential proteins to fulfill the requirement of the body.

The reason his weight does not fluctuate and stays around 235 pounds throughout the year.

                      Terry Crew Meal Plan
1st Meal Apple, Vitamins
2nd Meal Protein Shake
3rd  Meal Yogurt And Granola
4th Meal Chicken Salad
5th Meal Protein Shake
6th  Meal Chicken Breast


Terry Crew has naturally built up the physique as he had not undergone a rapid transformation.

Terry has no any symptoms of a steroid such as acne breakouts, balloons like muscle, flushed skin and increased vascularity.

He gains through the hard work and strict meal plans.

Terry is one of the men with an amazing genetics.

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